ICYMI: National Journal Profiles Brad Wilson And The “Stark Choice” For Conservatives InThe Utah Senate Race

ST. GEORGE, UT – In case you missed it, yesterday National Journal interviewed Brad Wilson in their look at the “stark choice” voters have in the Utah Senate race to elect a strong conservative fighter that will turn our country around.

See highlights from the story below and read the full story (unlocked) here.

“A strong conservative voice”

“We need to make sure that Utah has a strong conservative voice back in Washington,D.C., and someone that understands this state is passionate about conveying its values to the rest of the country,” Wilson told National Journal during an interview at BZI Steel in Cedar City, Utah, where he was meeting with the owners and receiving a tour of the facilities.”

“Wilson,like many of his Republican competitors, was contemplating running for the Senate seat long before Romney made it official. The reason? Many believed Romney—who had forged a path in Congress to become a moderate and bipartisan workhorse—was not conservative enough to reflect Utah’s values.”

“a very similar lens as Mike Lee”

“Wilson,who was elected to three terms as speaker in Utah’s state House, said he sees‘the world through a very similar lens’ as Lee. ‘Mike has been very helpful in pushing back on a lot of government overreach, helping us keep things in their way and lane,’ Wilson said, adding that he’ll be touting his ‘successful career as a lawmaker and speaker of the House, championing conservative values and pushing issues that matter to Utahans.’”

“A stark choice”

“So far, a Romney-esque Republican is missing from the field. However, Rep. John Curtis, who has leaned away from Trumpism, is reportedly reconsidering a bid after saying last month that he wouldn’t seek Romney’s seat…If Curtis or a similarly centrist Republican jumps in, it will give voters a stark choice. Do they want their new senator to be like Romney, the party’s 2012 standard-bearer who helped negotiate bipartisan bills on infrastructure, gun-safety legislation, microchip manufacturing, andCOVID-19 relief funding, or more like Lee, consistently ranked as one of the senators who is least willing to cross party lines on legislation, per the Lugar Center’s Bipartisan Index rankings?”

“If no Romney-esque candidate runs,it’s almost certain Utah’s next senator will be far more conservative.”

“Concerns over the Constitution”

“Wilson said Utahans have expressed concerns over the Constitution to him—but it’s been about preserving gun rights, not efforts to overturn elections. Romney was the only member of the Utah delegation to vote for the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act after the shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas. The legislation addresses the so-called “boyfriend loophole,” pumps money into red-flag grants for every state, requires a more extensive background check for buyers under the age of 21, and provides funding to address and prevent mental-health crises.”

“I understand their concerns. I’m going to want to support Utahans that feel that way. That’s part of why I’m going to show up the way I’m going to show up,”Wilson said.

Read the full story here.