ICYMI: Brad Wilson Takes on Biden Agenda at Utah County Town Hall

PROVO, UTAH – In case you missed it, the Daily Herald covered Brad Wilson’s Utah County Town Hall in Provo, where Wilson addressed the urgent need to stop Biden’s reckless spending, cut taxes and what it means to be a conservative fighter.

See highlights from the story below and read the full article here.

Holding Biden Accountable

“Wilson spent much of his message criticizing President Joe Biden for rising inflation and ‘reckless spending’ in the nation’s capital. The candidate blamed increasing housing costs and prices for other living expenses on fiscal policies under the Democrat’s presidency. ‘I’m growing increasingly concerned that one of our biggest threats are liberal policies back in Washington, D.C., that are threatening the very livelihood and the lives that we have in this country,’ he said.”

Unmatched Record

“The former state House speaker touted his record in the Utah Legislature, noting that, under his leadership, the governing body had reduced taxes three years in a row. . . There’s no one that’s going to get in this Senate race that can match my record on restraining spending in government and cutting taxes.”

“No Compromise”

“In discussing compromise with the group, Wilson expressed that there are times when “there’s no compromise,” pointing to when he, along with other Utah lawmakers, overrode the governor’s veto on legislation barring transgender girls from participating in school sports.”

“He expanded on compromise during an interview with the Herald, saying compromise can “be dangerous” if it’s not done with consistency and while still aligning with one’s values.”

“I have a history of working really well with people from a lot of different political backgrounds and political perspectives,” he said. “That’s not going to change in the U.S. Senate. But it doesn’t mean you need to compromise on your values.”

“Playing for the Same Team”

“When asked about his thoughts on Romney and his criticism of Trump, the candidate said he would vote for Trump…’It is really important to me that we have Republicans back in Washington, D.C., that are all playing for the same team,’ he said.”

Stop Spending

“Reining in government spending was another focal point for Wilson… ‘You’ve got to have serious lawmakers back there that are willing to go through the federal government, item by item, or at least category by category and saying, is this a proper role for government? If it’s not, let’s stop spending it at the federal government level.’”

Read the full article here.