ICYMI: Brad Wilson on KVNU: “Tax dollars don’t belong to government, tax dollars come from the people”

LOGAN, UTAH – In case you missed it, Brad Wilson appeared on KVNU’s For the People program before a Town Hall in Northern Utah and discussed the need to cut taxes, cut spending and the need for a conservative fighter who will bring the Utah Way to Washington.

The nearly one hour interview took a look at a host of issues facing Utah, the Cache Valley and the United States – from the crisis at the border, to holding unelected bureaucrats accountable in D.C. 

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Highlights are below:

A Culture of Cutting Taxes:

“Utah is the best run state in the country,” Wilson exclaimed, “and one of the reasons that that is the case is that we have a really clear-eyed understanding that tax dollars don’t belong to government, tax dollars come from the people.

“And we’ve had record tax cuts the last few years in Utah…three income tax cuts for example over the last 5 years. I think you’ll see, I’m not a lawmaker anymore, but they’ve got over $100 million set aside for another tax cut.”

“He said one of the things he wanted to do while he was down at the state capitol was to change the culture, so that tax cuts were part of the conversation that happened at the beginning of every budget session.”

Send a Conservative Fighter to D.C.:

“I think the question that we’ve got to answer as a state is, what kind of Republican are we going to send back to D.C.?”

“Wilson said the state has the opportunity to send someone back there who really represents the conservative values found in Utah that has made the state a unique and great place, and that’s what he is hoping to do.”

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