ICYMI: Brad Wilson on KSL Radio: “Secure the Border Now.”

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH – In case you missed it, Brad Wilson appeared on KSL Radio’s Dave and Dujanovic where he discussed the border crisis and the need for a conservative fighter who will bring the Utah Way to Washington.

Listen to the full interview HERE.

Highlights are below:

The Utah Way vs. The Washington Way:

“Our state just needs to have someone back in DC that’s going to go fight for our conservative values.”

”What I’m excited about is that we know how government works here. We balance our budget, we solve hard problems, we work together – and having somebody back in D.C. with that Utah experience will serve our state and our country really well.”

“Back in D.C. you’ve got inaction on things that really matter. Look at what’s happening on the border. The border is wide open and nothing is being done to fix that. People want solutions to that.”

“They want someone that’s got experience leading in Utah to go back and . . . make DC look a lot more like Utah and fix the mess that’s back there.”

Border Crisis:

“The Biden Administration is actually suing and telling the Border Patrol to take down in Texas to remove the wall that Texas has put up. These are the kinds of things that make no sense, Deb.”

“You’ve got to secure that border – and that means keeping the walls we have, building new walls, and using technology to make sure that the border is secure.”

“Our resources and our attention need to be focused on closing the border right now. And then there also needs to be something done to figure out who is in this country. You’ve got drug cartels, you’ve probably got terrorists, you’ve got all these groups that are here. We’ve got to figure out who’s here and make sure that those people leave this country. We’ve got to get them back to the places that they belong. But this is going to be, you know, it’s really sad, Dave, because, you know, we had basically a secure border back in, I think it was 2017 or 2018. We had 200 plus thousand people, we think, cross the border illegally. Last year, two and a half million.”

Listen HERE.