ICYMI: Brad Wilson Joins KUTV, Discusses Why Utah Needs a Conservative Fighter in Washington

SOUTH JORDAN, UTAH – U.S. Senate candidate Brad Wilson sat down for an exclusive interview with KUTV’s Heidi Hatch where he discusses why Utah needs a conservative fighter in Washington. The highlights are below and in case you missed it….

Watch the full interview HERE.

“Glad SCOTUS Ruled…Voters Should Decide Elections Not Liberal Judges

“I’m really glad [SCOTUS] ruled the way we did… Voters should be the ones to make this decision about who gets to be our next president, not activists in liberal states, not even activist judges in liberal states. And so, I think it’s a good thing so that the American people get to make this decision.”

“We Need To Unify The Republican Party Around Trump

“I endorsed Donald Trump a few months ago… and I believe he’ll be the next president of the United States, and we need to unify the Republican party around him…. We’ve got to send people back to Washington that are going to work closely with [Trump] to fight for Utah, and fight to get the country’s problems fixed.”

“Joe Biden Has the Ability To Close the Border Down Right Now

“Joe Biden has the ability to close the border down right now… The tools are there, there are resources there. The political will and the leadership are not there. People are frustrated… But we must secure our border. You know, we know that the border crisis right now in America is costing every single taxpayer $1,200 to $1,300 a year. By the time you look at the burden this is placing on our criminal justice system, on our schools, on our healthcare system– the list goes on and on.”

Build The Wall” And “Support Border Patrol With The Military”

“Americans are frustrated, they’re angry, they should be. And the fact of the matter is, Joe Biden is the one to blame right now for this issue… The solution is to have a border that’s closed and we need to build the wall. We need to close it and even if we need to support the border patrol with the military for a short period of time until we get the border closed.”

“I’m The Only Person Running In This Race That Has A [Conservative] Record”

“I’m the only person that is running in this race that has a record of the biggest tax cuts in the history of the state. I’m the only person running in this race that has helped initiate suits against the federal government because of all the problems that they have caused, whether it’s on energy policy or public lands or other issues. And having someone that’s actually lived the problems that the federal government’s created, go back to Washington and prevent problems from happening and fix the problems that are already there, is a unique opportunity for Utahns. And that’s part of the reason I’m running.”

“No One Has The Grassroots Support That We Have

“No one has the grassroots support that we have, and no one also has the support of elected officials, including sixty plus mayors from across the state and some of our biggest cities. And here is why. All these people are wanting me to get elected to the US Senate. They know I am going to fight for Utah. They know I have got the experience to do this, and they know what this country needs.”