Brad Wilson Signs Pledge to Add Term Limits to US Constitution

SOUTH JORDAN, UT – Brad Wilson, Utah’s own conservative fighter, is taking a pivotal step towards conservative government reform this week by pledging to support a Constitutional Amendment for term limits. 

“America’s Founding Fathers envisioned citizen legislators – they never intended to have a career class of professional politicians running America,” Wilson said. “I’m running for Senate because Utahns deserve leadership that actually puts their interest first and isn’t afraid to take on the entrenched DC elites. This is why I’m proud to sign the US Term Limits Pledge.”

Brad Wilson’s commitment is to support a Constitutional Amendment limiting Members of Congress to no more than three House terms and Two Senate terms. He firmly believes this is the kind of bold action needed to change the trajectory of the United States. 

America’s entrenched political class prioritizes their own self-interest over the well-being of the American people. Career politicians using their office to enrich themselves have a stranglehold on our system. America needs to once again return to an era where our elected officials truly represent the will of the people.