I want you to know exactly where I stand and what I will do regarding the
issues that are important to you and your family:

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I Represent You

Legislators work for and are accountable to the voters, not the other way around. I work hard to make sure I remain connected to what is important to you. Follow me on Facebook to keep up to date on upcoming town hall meetings. Please sign up for my newsletter or feel free to email me (bradwilson@le.utah.gov) or call me (801-425-1028) if you have input for me. As a legislator I feel my role is to represent YOU and your interests.


  1. Spending needs to be in the classroom. Expenditures outside the classroom are increasing faster than spending inside the classroom. This trend needs to be reversed.
  2. Parents, teachers, and school boards at the local level are best equipped for making decisions about the needs of our children.
  3. It’s critical to support policies that increase parental involvement. If Utah wants smaller class sizes, higher teacher pay, updated textbooks, more classroom computers and arts & music back in its classrooms, we have to spend money more wisely.
  4. Utah’s recent downward trend in educational outcomes is a sign that there are cracks in our educational foundation that must be addressed. But simply putting more money into education isn’t the complete answer. Our investments in education must be tied to specific outcomes. I believe accountability brings results.

Business and Jobs

The key to continuing our states economic growth is not government. Businesses make jobs. My goal is to promote policies that allow business to thrive. President Reagan’s approach was the right one. The role of government in the economic system should be to lower taxes and do all we can to remove government barriers to market-based competition. Part of a strong and vibrant economy and a key to economic growth is the development of well- planned transportation infrastructure. As a legislator, I will do everything within my power to provide an infrastructure and system that promotes the free flow of business so the great economic potential that exists in our state can be fully realized.

Your Values

I will continue earn your trust through hard work, honesty and communication. I have voted in favor of legislation, or sponsored legislation to:
  • Sponsored legislation strengthening the ability for small businesses to secure funding to grow (HB233)
  • Sponsored legislation that attracts capital to the state for start-up business in technology and other high growth industries (HB411)
  • Co-Chaired commission that moved the state prison to a new location which will result in lower recidivism and also result in upwards of 30,000 jobs created
  • Lead sponsor of legislation bolstering the tourism industry’s growth in the state, now generating over 1 billion in state/local taxes that Utahns don’t have to pay – tourists do

Keeping Our Community Safe

The legislature’s first responsibility in regard to crime is to act to protect the innocent and pass laws that properly punish those who infringe on the rights of law abiding citizens. The second responsibility of our leaders is to understand that poverty and lack of opportunity spur crime. Improving education and maintaining a long-term focus on economic opportunity and vitality will ultimately lead to a more cohesive community and less crime

Securing Our Borders

The stark reality is that the Federal Government has dropped the ball in protecting our borders. Current immigration laws lack the strict enforcement necessary to shield us from the undesirable problems that come with illegal immigration such as higher crime rates and increased costs to education and medical systems. As a state we must continue to be a leader in the effort to pressure the federal government to increase enforcement of illegal immigration laws already in place and foster a healthy system of legal immigration that meets our country’s needs. I will support legislation that will fight to restore the integrity of our State’s and our Nation’s borders.

Health Care Reform – Medicaid Expansion

It is not the role of government to provide health care. Opposition to government mandated health care is not enough. As a conservatives state, we must continue to develop alternatives that are market based and driven by principles of personal accountability. I applaud the leadership of Speaker of the House Greg Hughes on this issue. Here is an article I wrote regarding this important issue [link to tribune article]